Staying on Track on a Busy Day – making somewhat decent choices

Today was one of those days:  I hit the ground running and didn’t stop until just now.  And, tonight in our kids’ club at church, I was playing guitar and the kids were dancing and going crazy.  It wiped me out.  So, I’ll get right to the run down for the day:

Breakfast:  Gluten Free Crunchy Flax Cereal (yes, it is as tasteless as it sounds, but it’s loaded with flax) with some almond milk and a bananabolthouse

Snack:  Green Goddess drink (even though Fuhrman says no juice, but we were out shopping and it was a better choice than, let’s say, chips.  It must be better:  it has Spirulina and chlorella in it, I think.)

Lunch:  leftover from last night – spaghetti squash topped with my cauliflower ‘cheese’ sauce and shiitake mushrooms;  salad topped with some dairy free cheese, pinto beans and Dijon date dressing

Snack:  banana with almond butter

Dinner:  grilled Portobello on gluten-free multigrain bread w/ grilled red peppers and onions;  salad topped with pinto beans and creamy sesame dressing

Dessert:  Yummy banana oat bar (even though I made some yummy looking cupcakes for our kids’ club tonight)

I was on the glider for 20 minutes and then danced with the kids while playing guitar for about 40 minutes.  I’ll be doing some yoga before bedtime tonight.  Until tomorrow…..


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