Back on the Nutritarian Road’m back, after a long hiatus in Paleo World. I went into paleo with the hopes of all the health benefits it claims to have: less/no inflammation, more energy, stronger muscles, and the list goes on. Well, I was eating paleo for almost two years and I can’t say I saw a huge difference. The only marked difference I noticed was that my immune system really got ramped up, but I’m not sure if that’s from the diet or from the supplements I was taking. So, why the switch back? Well, for one, I do like a vegan diet. It’s fun. It’s economical. It’s interesting. Listening to and reading Dr. Fuhrman really convinced me, as well, that my goal should be longevity and not a toned body. If you can get longevity under your belt, the toning will follow. I think I went paleo in the first place because I had so much of that stigma of protein, protein, protein. It’s kind of like the 80’s stigma of low-fat, no-sugar. That sticks in your mind. You know, like a lie that you tell so often you start to think it’s the truth. Society’s good for brain-washing like that. There are some things I can bring with me from Paleo World, though. Like: healing the gut is a good thing (which is probably a big factor in why my immune system is doing so well). I don’t necessarily need bone broth to heal my gut, but fermented things like kombucha and water kefir and lacto-fermented veggies are good for the belly, plus a good probiotic. That’s probably the best thing I learned. I’m not sure how that fits into the Eat for Life type of diet, but I can’t see how it wouldn’t.
It’s been five days today and I feel great. There was really nothing to detox from, so I haven’t had any detox issues or cravings. Well, my mouth did water a bit last night when I was making pizza for the family. Cheese is my weakness and veggie cheeses just don’t do it for me. But, nothing tastes as good as healthy feels, so I can do without the dairy. I feel very clean inside and energetic, which I can’t say I’ve felt in a very, very long time.
I made a vegan lentil loaf and some rice and beans casserole for the church Christmas party tomorrow. Tonight for dinner, I’m having some of the lentil loaf (I made two). If it’s any good, I’ll post the recipe.

For now, onward and upward. Come and join me on the road, if you dare. Have a blessed evening.


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