Why I Eat a Nutritarian Way – Nothing Tastes as Good as Healthy Feels

I’m not sure how to start this. I’ve never been a ‘follow a specific diet’ person. I mean that I’m not a trendy, jump on the band wagon sort of person. I tend to be an off the beaten path sort of person. But, I have to say that I’ve read the “Eat to Live” book by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and his follow up book “The End of Dieting” and they have truly changed my life (both came out of my local library). I’m not here to debate whether eating animals is ethical. I used to live on a farm and that’s how we got most of our food. I do think that it’s better for a person to raise their own food if they have the room to be able to do it. I think it’s healthier and that it instills a sense of how much work it takes to raise food and makes you a little more appreciative. That’s about all the soap box that I have on that subject.

I’ve only been on this diet for 3 weeks now and I’m amazed at how good I feel. It only took a week before I felt some very measurable effects on my health. I mentioned in an earlier post about finding this after praying about it and I still think that it was an answer to prayers. First of all, I started having health issues after my second child was born: fatigue, extreme aches and pains, digestive issues, immunity issues, pernicious anemia, chronic epstein barr syndrome. There were probably other issues that weren’t diagnosed. So, for 14 years I’ve been searching for a way to combat this. I’ve tried many different ways of eating. I’ve tried many Chinese herbal supplements and other herbal supplements. I refused to just be put on pain meds. Sometimes the pain was quite bad and I wouldn’t want to get out of bed. I learned to deal with it. I made friends with my heating pad. I have a high threshold of pain, too, so when I say I was in pain, I really was. Some solutions would help a bit. I got a glimmer of hope when I went gluten free about four years ago. The pain was a lot less and I had times when I actually had some energy and some of the digestive issues had cleared up. After a year of being gluten free, some of the symptoms came back even though I was very careful about eating gluten. So, I searched for another way to combat the inflammation and then I went paleo. That helped my immune system because I was really focusing on a good probiotic and healing my gut. But, I was eating a lot of meat. It was healthy and organic and grass fed, but it was meat. And, meat doesn’t combat inflammation. So, this is what brought me to Eat to Live. But let me preface this by saying that I’ve never been a carboholic or junk food junky type of person. If you are, you may have a bit of a problem at the beginning of this diet. All I can say about that is just to hang in there. Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

Here are the basics of the Eat to Live diet:
Furhman Food Pyramid
The G-BOMBS is a mnemonic device to help you remember the highest nutrient dense foods:
Greens: Raw leafy greens, kale being the highest nutrient dense food, is a great way to lose weight. you can eat unlimited quantities and they fill you up with fiber and nutrients.
Beans: (and other legumes) are a nutrient dense source of good carbs and the starch is not completely broken down in your digestive system, so the carbs don’t spike your blood sugar.
Onions: (and any allium family vegetables like garlic, shallots, leeks, etc…) They help with you cardiovascular and immune systems, as well as having anti-cancer properties and anti-diabetes effects.
Mushrooms: Great for their anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects.
Berries: Naturally sweet, low in sugar yet high in flavor and loaded with anti-oxidants, berries are just really good for you.
Seeds: Nuts and seeds contain healthy fats and are rich in phytosterols, anti-oxidants, and minerals.

Of course, this is really a very, very brief summary. You’d be amazed at how good they are for you.dr_fuhrmans_micronutrient_scores-1-300x237

This is his suggestion for amounts to each day of the G-BOMBS:
Nutritarian Checklist
I can’t say that I follow this diet to a T. I pretty much do, though. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten this many legumes in my life. But, my body seems to like them. I’ve been doing special occasion foods but keeping them vegan (like the pizza crust, which is a Friday night pizza night thing). My body is just functioning a lot better this way. I’ve lost weight even though the only exercise I do is yoga. Now don’t get me wrong. Yes, yoga is an exercise. But, I’ve never been able to lose weight unless I was doing an hour of high intensity cardio each day and burning like 600 calories or more a day. And that was only if I was counting calories. I don’t count calories now. I don’t even really ‘watch what I eat,’ in the sort of American way of thinking about it. I just eat. I try to fill in the parameters, but I just eat. If I feel hungry, I eat a little more. If I feel full, I stop eating. It’s really a simple way to eat. Dr. Fuhrman stresses longevity and I’m on boat with that. You can eat paleo and build some great muscles, but if you’re straining you kidneys and liver, what kind of quality of life are you going to have down the road? This is really a sustainable way to eat. Ask me any questions you have. I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability.



7 thoughts on “Why I Eat a Nutritarian Way – Nothing Tastes as Good as Healthy Feels”

  1. This is great Heather, thank you! I feel so many of my own experiences and struggles in your words. I’ve been trying so many different protocols that eventually I just gave up and went back to making less healthy choices. Like you, Gluten free made me feel better, for a while. Eventually many of my issues resurfaced. Then Paleo, while I admit it was somewhat short lived, I discovered many meats do not agree with me in a variety if ways. I even did a sugar detox, as I suspect my body is exceptionally sensitive to it. I could go on about my adventures with food but the bottom line is, I feel I’m at a turning point again. I know that for my health and ultimately my happiness, I need to find the lifestyle that works for me, regardless of weather or not it works for anyone else (which has been the other part of my struggle but that’s for another time). I am excited to learn more and move forward. Thank you for sharing!

    1. It’s been a blessing to me. I always had the view that I must be able to conquer my problems by eating correctly. I did not want to go the route of medicating myself until I died. It was so frustrating that my doctor wouldn’t hear me. I think all of my doctors just assumed that there was no way I could be eating healthy and be overweight. And the fact that my bloodwork was showing up fairly clean (except when they found that I had chronic epstein barr). I’ve found that any general practitioners I’ve come in contact with were zero help.

      I’m glad this post helped you. You can probably check out his books in your local library (or, if yours is as small as our library, in their system). His books are also on kindle, so I got a kindle app on my computer and got his Eat to Live book on kindle. It’s a lot cheaper that way and an instant download. The Never Diet Again book is good and just kind of validates what his Eat to Live book says. The stats in there about the cancer causing properties will amaze you. There’s a recipe book for Eat to Live that I got from the library which is good, but I tend to like to make up my own recipes anyway, plus there are a lot of recipes on Pinterest, so I don’t think I’ll invest in the other books. I like the first book because it’s a good guideline to have, plus it has some of the fundamental recipes to get you started. I hope it helps you. I’ll be praying for you.

      1. I just realized that Fuhrman’s other book is “The End of Dieting” – just in case you’re looking it up. (I edited it in my post)

      1. My experience with doctors has been similar, it’s so frustrating. I’m making a list now to prepare my pantry with some eat to live essentials! Especially those needed to make a healthy pizza crust, we love pizza and have it at least once a month in my house. Thank you again for all of the great resource information.

  2. I think a lot of, if not all, conventional doctors only try to solve the problem with medication instead of trying to figure out how to truly heal the body. God made us to be able to heal, so I think that should be the first avenue to go. If that doesn’t work, then you can see how modern medicine can help. Hope you like the pizza. I don’t know what kind of health food stores you have up by you, but I find a lot of stuff on amazon and e-bay because we don’t always have easy access to unusual ingredients and if you can get them, they’re usually pretty expensive.

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